Fostering Goodwill collects gift cards to give for Christmas to older youth who are in foster care.  We work
jointly with social services to identify those kids who have the most need for these charitable gifts.  We are able to distribute gift cards to over 100 different foster kids throughout the state thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses within the community.  The gift cards are distributed to the youth at an annual event to celebrate Christmas.         

Since 2006, Fostering Goodwill has collected gift cards from the community and sent them out to hundreds of former and current foster youth at Christmas.  An annual event was established in 2009 in which a “Christmas Party” was held for the youth.  The event in 2009 was a resource fair in which over 20 community partners set up booths for the youth and educated them on their different programs.  This included representatives from colleges, medical fields, job opportunities, armed forces and many others.  The event was catered and allowed the former and current foster youth to celebrate Christmas together.  Fostering Goodwill gave the youth in attendance gift cards as well as many door prizes.  Over one hundred youth attended the event and it was a great success.

Since 2010 the event has been held at GattiTown and has featured pizza and games for the youth during the party It is also a good opportunity for them to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Fostering Goodwill distributes gift cards and door prizes to the youth. The event draws strong attendance each year and is always a fun time for all.


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