• Provide a support system to youth ages eighteen and up who have aged out of the foster care system.  
    Specifically, to implement a mentoring program to the target population and help the youth develop
    individual relationships with the mentors as well as community relationships within the network of
    supporters of Fostering Goodwill.

  • Continue to assist youth aging out of foster care through the programs that Fostering Goodwill first
    implemented in 2006.  This includes getting donations of household items for the youth as they transition
    to their own places (C.A.R.E.), recognizing their academic achievements through monetary rewards and
    ceremonies (Achievements for Life), gathering donated baby items for youth with children (H.O.M.E.),
    assisting youth with storage of their belongings when needed between homes, organizing resource fairs
    for youth and collecting gift cards for youth during Christmas (Christmas Wishes).

  • Secure a storage facility in order for current Fostering Goodwill programs to be a more consistent
    resource for the youth.  The storage facility would be used for storing donated items as well as the youth
    being able to use the storage for a short period between placements.

  • Secure a truck used solely for Fostering Goodwill in order to pick up donated items as well as to assist
    youth in moving their items when needed.  The truck and/or another vehicle could potentially be used to
    assist the youth in learning how to drive as well since many foster youth do not have a driver’s license.

  • Set up a network for the target population to act as a support system for youth.  This includes
    professionals volunteering their services and expertise to the youth.  Such professionals could include
    school personnel, attorneys, accountants, bankers, mechanics, etc. to give the youth information and
    advice that they can rely on as they deal with different life situations.

  • Create a resource center that aging out youth can utilize to assist them as they transition to being on their
    own. The center would include resources for the youth such as computers, information on resources in
    the community, workshops about writing resumes, job searching tips, teaching job interviewing skills and
    bedrooms that the youth could use during times of transition.
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