Many youth that have been in foster care have difficulties when they first attend post-secondary
institutions after graduating high school.  These struggles are a result of several factors.  
These youth are not prepared for the level of educational responsibilities that entail attending
college and that comes along with being on your own.  Some of this is attributed to all the
obstacles that they have to overcome in their lives such as being victims of abuse, suffering
trauma in their lives and being displaced from their families and communities.  These youth also
have to deal with the transition into adulthood with little to no positive support systems in their
lives outside of the professionals that are involved with them through the state.

Some of these youth are able to become independent from the state’s care and be able to
sustain their own living arrangements.  This usually involves the youth initially just focusing on
working so that they can earn income to establish themselves.  Some of these  youth would like
to return to college once they get a little older, but sometimes they owe the college they
previously attended money due to their previous academic struggles.  They are not able to
return to school and further their education until their accounts at their schools are paid.

Fostering Goodwill is excited to help out these former foster youth in their attempts to better
their lives and return to college.  Through the Second Chance Scholarship, former foster youth
will get assistance from Fostering Goodwill to pay delinquent accounts that they have at post-
secondary institutions.  This will allow these youth to return to college and further their
education. Hopefully, this second chance will propel these former foster youth to go on to
complete their educational goals and become productive members of our community.

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