Second Chance Scholarship

The Second Chance Scholarship was created to give former foster youth that aged out of the custody of the state another opportunity to return to college and further their education.

Requirements for the Second Chance Scholarship

Applicant Requirement

Applicant must have been in the state’s custody when he/she turned 18 and be a Fayette County resident. Court paperwork or letter from social worker showing prior state’s custody and current Fayette County residency

Applicant Requirement

Applicant must be willing to be in contact with a resource person during the semester

Applicant Requirement

Applicant must have been out of school for at least 2 semesters. Transcript or letter from school

Applicant Requirement

Applicant must complete Second Chance Scholarship essay and application.

Applicant Requirement

Applicant must agree to go before the Scholarship Screening Committee for an informal interview.

Applicant Requirement

Applicant must submit proof of his/her outstanding balance of less than $1,000 and proof of 3 continuous months of payment towards the balance. Bill from school or collection agency showing 3 continuous months of payment.

Second Chance Scholarship Application

There is no deadline for the scholarship as they are offered throughout the year

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Child Name:
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Please submit an essay of 1-3 pages that includes answers to the following question

What is your current situation?
What were the circumstances that contributed to your previous academic problems?
Why do you want to return to school and further your education?
Why do you feel like you will be more successful in school now than you were before?
Why do you think you should be selected for the Second Chance Scholarship?
Feel free to include any information that you feel is relevant.

Please make sure you submit the following documentation:

Proof of being in the state's custody and Fayette County residency
Proof of outstanding balance less than $1000 and 3 continuous monthly payments towards balance
Proof of being out of school for at least 2 semesters
Completed Essay
Completed Application
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 128 MB.