Youth Meetings

The purpose of the quarterly youth meetings is to educate older youth on various resources available to them in the community as well as for the youth to establish relationships and friendships with other youth in similar situations.

Quarterly Youth Meetings

The meetings will be open to all current foster youth ages 16-21 and any other youth up to age 23 that aged out of foster care. The meetings will be catered by different restaurants and there will also be gift cards given away.

Fostering Goodwill hopes that community partners working with these foster youth will encourage them to attend these meetings as we feel it will be very beneficial for them.

We value input from the youth that we are serving as to what we can do in future meetings and we will discuss this with them at the meetings. We also hope to build a network for these aging out youth that they can call on for assistance when needed as they transition to being on their own.